First transnational meeting

After several online project meetings, the Digital Upbringing partners had their first on-site meeting in Romania, on the 13th of October 2022.

A part of the team attended online, via video conferencing tools. The partners made specific plans to support families in a digital world. They agreed on objectives and set indicators for the following project work packages:
WP1 - Project Management and Implementation 
Objective: Deliver a project that not only offers unique resources and opportunities to the target group but also builds the consortium's capacity.
WP2 - Digital Competence Framework for Parents (WP2) 
Objective: To develop the digital parenting competencies of a minimum of 180 parents, in the 6 areas of a "Digital Competence Framework for Parents".
WP3 - Digital Upbringing Community Partnerships 
Objective: To create more community-based digital parenting and family media awareness initiatives.
WP4 - Intergenerational Digital Learning Programme 
Objective: Equip trainers to develop and implement workshops and learning events with confidence and be responsive to local needs regarding intergenerational learning within the digital domain.
WP5 - Multimedia and Dissemination Campaign
Objective: To share the project results with a large audience and raise awareness of how parents can support their families’ safe, secure, responsible, and creative use of digital tools and online media.
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