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A generation ago, “parenting” wasn’t even a word. (Back then, people simply “raised” kids, like crops or livestock.) “Digital parenting” is newer still.

In fact, it’s a term that’s only just beginning to creep into our vocabulary. Most of us know that it involves somehow nurturing our kids around their use of technology. But exactly how we are meant to do that remains a bit fuzzy.
Although digital parenting is still an evolving concept, based on a growing database of evidence and observation, some basic guidelines are starting to emerge. Here are seven of the most important:
1️⃣ Talk with your kids.
2️⃣ Educate yourself.
3️⃣ Use parental controls.
4️⃣ set ground rules and enforce consequences. 
5️⃣ Friend and follow, but don’t stalk.
6️⃣ Explore, share and celebrate.
7️⃣ Be a good digital role model.

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