Parents' digital competences

What should a parent or guardian be able to do in order to navigate thei children way in the digital world, safeguard them and promote their opportunities?

Community support

Where can parents find support to navigate their families in the digital world? How can community organisations support their families' digital safety?
  • Digital parenting communities
  • Digital Parenting Partnership Blueprint

Bridging the digital gap between generations

Intergenerational learning tools for developing and implementing intergenerational digital learning programmes
  • Intergenerational Workshop Toolkit
  • Sample workshops


Workshops for parents - piloting the Curriculum developed within the project

To pilot the Workshop Curriculum developed within the project, the project partners organised workshops where parents could learn and share experiences in the 6 areas of the Digital Competence Framework for Parents:
Area 1.: Information and data literacy
Area 2.: Communication and collaboration
Area 3.: Digital content creation
Area 4.: Digital Safety
Area 5.: Problem-solving using digital tools
Area 6.: Facilitating their children’s digital competences
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